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Blockchain Technology – A Prismatic Analysis

Human civilisation has so far witnessed three industrial revolutions, the last being computing power enabled manufacturing systems. It is widely being perceived that the next expeditionfor ‘Industry 4.0’ has started. This epoch-making revolution is expected [...]

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The International Decentralized Association for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) poised to enter the World Blockchain Summit with zeal.

The IDACB is setting up provisions to regulate laws and initiatives on cyrptocurrency and blockchain technology through the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow. Bangalore, 6 March 2018: Russia is moving towards complete and total financial [...]

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Russian FinTech Association to unveil its blockchain success story at Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit.

The Russian FinTech Association (RFTA) is gearing up to showcase its achievements in blockchain technology development and its vision to digitize the economy. 06 March 2018, Moscow: Russia has decided to take a definitive stance on blockchain technology [...]

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